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June 24, 2012  

Episode 107: Live with Gary K. Wolfe, Gavin Grant & Kelly Link!

After much re-scheduling, this weekend authors, editors, and Small Beer supremos Gavin Grant and Kelly Link join Gary and I  in the Waldorf Room to discuss publishing, science fiction and, well, stuff. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

June 16, 2012  

Episode 106: Live with Gary K. Wolfe & Kij Johnson!

With the Locus Awards weekend in full swing in Seattle, Kij Johnson joined Gary in the official Coode St Suite and Jonathan in his office at home via the magic of Skype to discuss her amazing new Small Beer short story collection, At the Mouth of the River of Bees, transgressive fiction, gender, life and other stuff.

The conversation was intriguing and engaging, and one we intend to revisit in coming weeks. A small warning: the Gods of Skype were not on our side and there are some audio difficulties with the recording, though things do improve. Our apologies for the problems, but we feel the conversation was interesting enough to justify releasing as is.

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

June 12, 2012  

Episode 105: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

Episode 105, in which Jonathan joins Gary in achieving ConventionFail by failing to record a single podcast at Continuum 8 (the Australian National Science Fiction Convention), but instead gets to discuss the convention, the Writer & the Critic podcast, the Tiptree awards and Jonathan possibly having said too much elsewhere, and the recent death of Ray Bradbury.  All in all, an episode we hope you enjoy. We will be back this weekend with #106, where we hope to have Kij Johnson join us as a guest.

June 5, 2012  

Mobile test

This is a small test to see if the mobile gear is working. Our apologies for tsking up your bandwidth with this hopefully tiny file, but with a little luck it will confirm that everything is working and some podcasting can happen this weekend from Continuum 8.

June 1, 2012  

Episode 104: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

And with the Waldorf Room closed, Gary and I retired to the wine bar high atop the Coode Street Motel 6 to chat about stuff. These notes might be more clear, were I not rushing for a plane, but I can guarantee it contains waffling and is definitely 100% Coode!

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