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February 24, 2013  

Episode 136: On Benchmarks, Budrys and awards

In amongst life's many demands, the intrepid Coode Street team, madly humming the theme to the Muppet Show, once again ascended to the Waldorf Room to take in the view and to discuss science fiction's many pleasures. This time they touch on a new collection of Algis Budrys reviews, Benchmarks Continued, recently published by Ansible Publications, criticism generally, and the newly released Nebula Awards ballot. As always, they hope you enjoy the podcast!

February 18, 2013  

Episode 135: Cecelia Holland on River of Stars

River of Stars cover This week Gary and Jonathan are joined in the Waldorf Room by the fabulous Cecelia Holland, leading historical novelist and author of Floating Worlds among many, many other fine books, to discuss writing, fantasy, and historical fiction. The podcast features a close to spoiler free  discussion of River of Stars, the excellent new novel from Guy Gavriel Kay which is due out in April.  We'd also like to point out that there will be detailed reviews of  f River of Stars from both Gary and Cecelia in the April issue of Locus. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

February 10, 2013  

Episode 134: On digital texts

Once again, with almost no preparation, we head up to the Gershwin Room and end up discussing reviewing, digital texts, and other related issues. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast.

February 3, 2013  

Episode 133: On Locus, recommended reading, Neptune’s Brood and more

This week the Coode Street team headed back to the Waldorf Room high in the Coode Street Motel Six to discuss the annual Locus Year in Review issue, the publishing industry, and other matters.  We also briefly discuss two forthcoming novels, Guy Gavriel Kay's River of Stars and Charles Stross's Neptune's Brood.

The Locus Recommended Reading List is online, as is the annual Locus Poll and a list of links to recommended short fiction.  As discussed during the episode, both Gary Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan work for Locus and were actively involved in compiling the recommended reading list.  You can subscribe to Locus here. The Year in Review issue is available as the start of a subscription or as a stand-alone issue.

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

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