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April 17, 2013  

Coode Street on hiatus

With family and travel plans complicating things, the Coode Street Podcast is going on a brief hiatus. We'll be away for the next two weeks, returning 5 May 2013.   We hope life treats you gently between now and then, and look forward to being back in your podcast lists soon!

April 13, 2013  

Episode 141: Oh, no! Another awards discussion

There really wasn't much excuse, except that our two heroes found themselves in the Gershwin Room with no idea at all about what they would discuss and so, with apologies, they ended up discussing awards again.  It wasn't intended, the discussion is being had elsewhere anyway, and solemn promises have been made that it will not happen again (at least for a while). If, however, this doesn't put you off, then sit back and relax while Gary and Jonathan discuss just what the point of awards is anyway and whether there's anything left to say about science fiction.

April 7, 2013  

Episode 140: Live with Nalo Hopkinson

This week we invited award-winning writer and anthologist Nalo Hopkinson to join us in the Waldorf Room to discuss her writing career, science fiction and fantasy, her upcoming visit to Australia as Guest of Honour at Conflux: The Australian National Science Fiction Convention, and her new novel Sister Mine.

We'd like to thank Nalo for being a wonderful guest and, as always, hope you enjoy the podcast.

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