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June 28, 2013  

Episode 148: Playing for time

As any regular listener knows all too well, hotel wifi is an unreliable friend.  With Gary away in Seattle at the Locus Awards weekend, we recorded this "safety" episode to make sure you'd have your weekly Coode Street fix,  It was recorded on June 23, and amongst other things we discuss the very sad recent deaths of Iain M. Banks, Jack Vance, and Parke Godwin, all of whom made significant contributions to our field  As always, we hope you enjoy this latest ramble.

June 22, 2013  

Episode 147: Live with M. John Harrison!

This week M. John Harrison, award-winning author of Viriconium, The Course of the Heart, the "Empty Space" trilogy, and Climbers, joins Gary and Jonathan on the podcast to discuss publishing his new 'Autotelia' story "Cave and Julia" as a Kindle single, the literalisation of metaphor, pathways to reading the "Empty Space" trilogy, the influence of Arthur Machen on his work, short story as an experimental laboratory and many other things. It is, we think, a fascinating episode of the podcast and, as always, we hope you enjoy it!  Our sincere thanks to Mike for his time. We hope to continue the conversation some time soon.

June 15, 2013  

Episode 146: Live with E. Lily Yu!

This week we're delighted to welcome E. Lily Yu to the podcast. We discuss her work, writing, and all sorts of other stuff.  As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast. And, if you get the chance, try some of Lily's terrific new stories!

June 3, 2013  

Episode 145: Live with Christopher Barzak and Mary Rickert

This week, following a failed attempt at Wiscon, the incredible M. Rickert and Christopher Barzak make the long Skype-complicated journey to the Gershwin Room to talk to Gary and Jonathan about Wiscon, fantasy, living in the Mid-West, tribalism, Christopher's fantastic new collection Before and Afterlives,  and all sorts of other interesting things.  Mary also gave the Podcast a huge news scoop. She has sold her first novel, tentatively titled A Taste of Ash and Honey, to Source Books. It should be out in 2014, which is spectacularly exciting news. We can't wait to read the book and to have her back when it comes out.

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