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October 26, 2013  

Episode 165: Questions from the audience

While our intrepid podcasters brave the wilds of London, a new episode for you (hopefully)! With no specific topic in mind, and having sent a greeting to Sleepless in Wagga, Gary and Jonathan answer questions:

  • from Guy in Toronto about single malt whisky;
  • from Fred in New Jersey on:
    • Clifford Simak. Cordwainer Smith. Fritz Leiber. Are they forgotten?;
    • Agents of SHIELD; and
    • making a pitch for a Greg Egan retrospective short story collection; and
  • from Michael about how crowd-funding has changed the anthology market.
All in all, thanks to the friends of the podcast, it made for an interesting and entertaining episode. We hope you enjoy it. We'll be back soon!
October 20, 2013  

Episode 164: Notes from just beneath the debt ceiling

In which the Coode Street team philosophize about the nature of science fiction, what the future means, whether it is inevitable or knowable, and what that means for science fiction. 

Other matters are also discussed. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast.
October 12, 2013  

Episode 163: On overlooked books of 2013…

In the run up to the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton our podcasting heroes are keeping it pretty much one-on-one, with no guest again this week.  In amongst other rambling, Gary and Jonathan they talk about some overlooked books of 2013 (Gary had a list), what "overlooked" means, and how a book gets to be noticed in the first place. 

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!
October 4, 2013  

Episode 162: Live with Rachel Swirsky

This week, just following the publication of her major short story collection How the World Became Quiet, we are joined by Nebula Award and SFWA Vice President Rachel Swirsky to discuss writing short stories, the business of science fiction and much more.

As always, we would like to thank Rachel for joining us, and hope you enjoy the podcast!

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