Hey everyone! The team behind THE BOOK OF DRAGONS including Coode Street's Jonathan Strahan is doing an AMA on the fantasy subreddit.


It's time to talk about dragons! What's your favourite dragon book or story? Your favourite dragon. Swinging by and chat with me at 9.00AM EST and then hang around or check back in to ask the storytellers behind the book anything about dragons or whatever!




A bunch of writers are going to pop by. Daniel Abraham, Beth Cato, Kate Elliott, Seanan McGuire, Garth Nx, and others are going to pop in during the day to answer your questions, and we'll definitely be here at these times!


9.00AM EST Jonathan Strahan
10.00AM EST JY Yang
11.00AM EST  Ken Liu
12.00AM EST  Elle Katherine White
2.00PM EST Jo Walton
3.00PM EST  CSE Cooney
4.00PM EST Ellen Klages
5.30PM EST Jonathan Strahan