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July 28, 2013  

Episode 153: On Sharknado, politics, and international SF

It was another typical day in the office for the Coode Street team. Having taken the time and made the effort to ascend to the Gershwin Room (there are a LOT of stairs), having avoided the temptations of the Tiki Lounge, having decided not to simply spend their time gossiping, Gary and Jonathan instead turn their attention to pressing issues like Sharknado and modern SF, whether British SF is more political than its US counterparts, and the growning prominence of non-Anglo SF with a minor sidestep into what it is to be an insider in the SF field. Naked attempts to persuade readers to buy new books are truncated by the sudden termination of the podcast due to Jonathan's PC crashing. Fortunately they were close to done. Still, they hope you enjoy the podcast and remain, now as ever, the mullahs of Coode St.

July 26, 2013  

Episode 152: The discussion continues

After all of the excitement of broadcasting from ReaderCon with Rob Shearman and Howard Waldrop, Gary and Jonathan turn back to more typical discussion of matters science fictional in an all new podcast that, as always, comes to you live from the Waldorf Room. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast.

July 13, 2013  

Episode 151: Live with Robert Shearman and Howard Waldrop

The great Lost Podcasts of 2012 are a part of Coode Street Podcast lore. A sad and painful memory of four wonderful conversations ever lost to perfidious technology. This week one of the participants in those conversations, brilliant short story writer Robert Shearman, and living legend Howard Waldrop, join Gary and Jonathan in a special podcast recorded in Boston at Readercon 24. Much is discussed about the art of the short story, changes in contemporary culture, and more. As always, we hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast!

July 13, 2013  

Episode 150: Live with John Crowley and Peter Straub!

This week the Coode Street Podcast, or part of it, is on the move! With Readercon 24 in full swing, Gary has travelled to Burlington, Massachusetts and has corralled award-winning author of Little Big and the Aegypt sequence, John Crowley, and long-time friend of the podcast Peter Straub to take part in a fascinating discussion of genre and other things. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

00:00 Introduction (flawed)

02:00 Discussion of reading and being influenced by early science fiction from the '50s and '60s, and the path from there to reading literature.

12:40 On how genre works and what makes the SF ideational space function. Mention of Bob Shaw's classic "Light of Other Days".

19:00 Peter discusses writing about fear, reading Ballard, and other influences.

30:00 On reading work as science fiction, including mention of John's novel The Translator.

35:00 On how writing SF/F is accepted to day in a way that it was not before.

40:00 Peter discusses his novel In the Night Room.

43:00 Story McGuffins and the death of the author.

50:00 Sequels, Lin Carter, book signings.

58:00 A brief discussion of what's next from Peter and John.

As discussed in the podcast, you can order the 25th Anniversary Edition of Little Big, or just check it out.

July 7, 2013  

Episode 149: Awards, Matheson and the Year to Date

In what is definitely the latest official instalment of the Coode Street Podcast, Gary and Jonathan sneak past the Jerome Kern Memorial Habachi Stand and settle down just near the Richard Rogers Habachi Grill to discuss many things. In an incredible development, this time the Production Gnomes of Coode Street have been able to produce a rough running schedule for the episode. Rejoice!

00:00   Introduction

05:00 Discussion of Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel Shaman, Werner Herzog's film Cave of Forgotten Dreams and prehistoric fiction. (This bit's shorter than you'd think it would be).

13:00:  Locus Awards winners, and Gary drops names.

30:00   Richard Matheson.

38:00   The Year in Fiction to Date (including our favorites and must reads of the year so far [though not really "must", just "we like it a lot and you might too"]

1:13:00 End

Please let us know in comments about your favorite books of the year too! Next week we hope to be reporting in from Readercon. Until then, as always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

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