On 21 August 2010 Gary and I recorded and published Episode 16 of the podcast. There have been historic problems with the upload and so, in attempt to fix this, I'm republishing it here at the new host. I do apologise for any duplication people might experience by my doing so.  We will be recording the new podcast shortly and it will be up in the next day or so. Here is what what we said of Episode 16 all those months ago:

"Although we’re having a Federal election here in Australia, and I had to get out and fulfil my democratic obligations, I still found time to jump on to Skype and call Gary to talk about things science-fictional.  We covered reviewing, the end of “books you don’t need to read’, The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction, our awesome technical skills as podcasters, the Coode Street Feminist Advisory Committee (we may need t-shirts), and all sorts of other things in another longish podcast.  We have also accepted we could talk forever – I think we chatted for more than an hour that we didn’t record.  We hope you enjoy it!"

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