With WorldCon bearing down on us like a freight train, there is packing to be done, panel preparation to be considered, and travel details to be finalised. Despite all of that, Gary and I found a moment to record the latest episode.  As always, we hope you enjoy it!

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  • Dave Post

    I’ve just listened to your latest podcast - great stuff as usual! In it, you discuss finding books online and how it does not replicate the experience of going into a bookstore and browsing and getting recommendations. I couldn’t agree more and I’m trying to do something about it that you might find of interest.

    I’ve been building a website that is an attempt to give visitors that bookstore experience online. My site, www.WorldsWithoutEnd.com, is built around the top awards in the field, Hugo, Nebula and Campbell etc., and on numerous “best of” lists like SF Masterworks and Classics of SF. Both awards and lists are presented in cover art galleries that make the site extremely browse-able.

    There are indeed many thousands of books our there and the awards and lists serve as a base-line for the books we add to our database. These are the books we would have in our brick-and-mortar store if only we had one! By presenting many different awards and lists we hope to more fully cover the broad spectrum of SF/F. They are recognized and trusted sources that fans readily identify with and serve as substitutes for store employees who might recommend you a book. You can also join our growing community of fans and share your love of SF/F with like-minded folks.

    The whole site is designed to let you shop the way you’re used to shopping in a store. Browse the Hugo award listing like you would the shelves at your favorite store. Click a cover to take it off the shelf for a closer look. Turn it over and read the blurb. Sound interesting? Open it up and read an excerpt or maybe read a bit about the author in the back of the book. You can even see what other people rated the book and read some reviews - like talking to somebody in the store. You don’t have to know what you’re looking for to find exactly what you want. If you find a book you want you can purchase it right there or put it on your reading list for later.

    We’ve also got a ton of other features like our BookTrackr that lets you customize the lists to display your reading history and a whole bunch of resources like our extensive lists of book related SF/F podcasts (which is where I found your show!) and magazines etc. but I’ve gone on far too long already. Do check us out. I’d love to hear what you think of our site!


    Aug 7, 2011 at 2:25 pm