With the holiday season about to get going in earnest, we thought we’d give you a rough idea of what to look forward to in coming weeks. 

Gary and I are still debating on either doing a special ‘Books to Look Forward to” or “Best of 2014” episode. If we do either of those it will air on the weekend of December 13, 2014.
Following that episode, we will go into a brief hiatus when we will air three episodes we recorded in Washington DC. The likely order is: 
21 Dec 14: Live with Helen Marshall and Robert Shearman 
28 Dec 14: Live with Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois 
 4 Jan 15: Live with Guy Gavriel Kay 
We would then be back with a fresh episode on the week on 11 January 2015. We have some exciting plans which we hope you’ll enjoy.